Stephen's trailhead picture from 2012 when he hiked GA-VA

Stephen’s AT Thru-Hike Blog

Follow our favorite mustachioed Wilderness Ranger from Georgia to Maine as he rambles along the Appalachian Trail!
DSM-education_poo kit

Pro-Poo Tips

Stephen walks you through some expert ways to reduce impact from the notorious #2, and even explains some creative body positions worth writing home about
DSM tronador mate

DSM-ing (Verb)

Deep South Mountaineering is mindset first, gear second. We believe the point of gear is to facilitate comfortable fun outdoors, which starts with having fun outdoors. We want to share with you a little about where we're coming from when we adventure under the sky.

the Gear!

Deep South Comics

Deep South Mountaineering is very much a reflection of its founders Stephen and Ryan. Ryan had a past as a cartoonist and hammocks are fun, so it only seemed natural to have a god time mashing the two together.