Deep South Mountaineering™ has a simple mission: To keep you fresh and nimble with ultralight gear while exploring our near and dear Appalachia and beyond! Our gear is designed and produced in good ol’ Durham, North Carolina using the most responsible methods available. So if you value innovative and eco-conscious gear made in the USA, pickup one of our ultralight hammocks, tarps, and bug nets for your next adventure; whether you’re tramping trails, coursing down the Shenandoah, climbing a route up rock, or just knee-deep in some fun-loving shenanigans, you’ll soon call our gear your favorite.

Deep South Mountaineering™ handiwork is a double bullseye: We responsibly create elegantly functional outdoor equipment that seeks to protect our shared natural resources.

The inspiration for our gear flows directly from experience. Our brainstorming sessions occur while pushing up steep Appalachian trails, trudging through overgrown Wilderness areas, and light-bulb dreaming sessions that have taken place in our cozy sleeping bags around the globe; these ideas are then tempered through endless questioning, tinkering, and testing before it’s stamped with DSM approval.

Our first product line is our hammock system which brings a modular approach to hammock camping, allowing you to pack light and sleep right. The design is functional and fun, and its straightforward versatility helps this shelter system adapt to a wide-range of conditions, from winds of gale force to downpours.

Our passion for stewardship comes from a shared background as Wilderness Rangers with a nation-wide prowess.  Deep South Mountaineering is our vessel for preaching the good word: Stewardship, impact reduction, comprehensive resource management, and environmental education. We aim to steer Deep South Mountaineering down the path of stewardship through gear innovation and strong, energetic community outreach. Our commitment is evidenced by the technical services we offer to stewardship organizations, the curation of our Outdoor Job Board, and our synthesis of environmental education to widen its reach and maximize its effect. What’s more, we design every piece of our gear to be an affordable, reliable tool; we create long-lasting gear in honor of our commitment to Leave No Trace ethics: Yes, we’ll live long, but we aim for our gear to live longer.

Like the complex and beneficial workings of a thick rhododendron patch on a steep slab of trail in the Deep South, we hope that by cross pollinating environmental understanding with innovative gear design and environmental stewardship, that our efforts will blossom and prove fruitful both locally and globally for years to come.

Hope y’all pack light and sleep right,

Stephen & Ryan


Ryan Stolp

Ryan likes variety. After graduating with a degree in Engineering Psychology he has worked professionally as a cartoonist and design strategist, usability researcher, wilderness ranger and most recently as a dog sled guide. Ryan has struggled his whole life with thinking and talking about gear too much (still not officially recognized as a disorder in the DSM IV!) On the plus side, however, it led to his practiced skills in sewing and prototyping, which he uses frequently to make custom gear and test his design ideas. Ryan’s gear has adventured (and survived) technical trips up Katahdin in winter, 500 miles of the AT, a season of backcountry wilderness use and various other outdoor endeavors. He brings a wealth of technical mountain experience to Deep South Mountaineering, as well as demonstrated knowledge in production, design strategy, graphic design and the occasional bad pun.




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Stephen Eren

Stephen is the champion of trees (and all that other green stuff). Hidden under that grand moustache is usually a smile. Just above the stash, and slightly back, is a mind constantly innovating new ways to interpret environmental education for the masses. Stephen has years of experience working in the field around the U.S. and is intimately aware of the complex troubles facing our nation’s public lands. He has worked as a ranger on both coasts, as well as a dogsled handler a few spots in between. His background in forestry, the environment and business allow Deep South Mountaineering to address pressing issues in a meaningful way, while maximizing our impact as a small gear company and stewardship organization. He’s also an avid backcountry Settler’s of Catan player, and gladly welcomes any challengers.


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Scott Eren

Scott is a lifelong lover of all things outdoors and all things Southern.  Like Ryan and Stephen, Scott has lived nearly his entire life in beautiful Durham, North Carolina, or, as he likes to think of it, the Center of the Universe.  Scott has been lucky enough to explore the wildernesses of Alaska, New Mexico, and Australia (all under the dubious guide of ‘internships’ and ‘book-learning)’, but kept coming back to the gentle hills and thick pine forests of the American Southeast.  As a Deep South Mountaineering team member Scott brings a keen legal eye and a deep sense of practicality to both gear design and business practices.  Also, he does his best to keep the team well fed and watered.