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Deep South Mountaineering™ takes pride in making gear that is durable and wonderfully capable. We have tested extensively in a variety of conditions and will continue to do so. We see the people that use our gear as an extension of our design and refinement process, helping to inform the evolution of Deep South Mountaineering™ gear. We get excited hearing about different ways we can be better and improve our products. Our background in human factors engineering means we place a huge emphasis on understanding our products in the context of how they are being used – a feat that is never quite done and requires hundreds of adventures, stories and opinions from users like you. Suffice it to say that Deep South Mountaineering™ has an open eared policy to feedback (and might talk your ear off trying to learn a little more).

 If you have any issues at all, shoot me a message and let’s talk it out.

We are dedicated to the quality of our products and will work to fix issues as they arise. Our return policy is case by case, but usually results in us doing a repair or replacement with no cost to the buyer. We are extremely willing to work with folks to ensure they have a positive experience with our gear for the life of their product and adventures.  If you have any issues at all, shoot me a message and let’s talk it out.

Stephen Eren
Chief of Friendship

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