Design Ethic

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Been to an outfitter recently? It might feel a little bit like stumbling into a NASA quartermaster’s closet: The materials are incredibly light and durable, the fabrics are welded, and the tags are like miniature instruction manuals with fancy acronyms detailing how their product’s technology will help you summit Everest. That’s all about as fine as a frosty pitcher of lemonade at the end of a climb up Blood Mountain, but we consider what many have overlooked: How to synergize design and materials to create ultralight, ultrafunctional gear.


In the market of ultralight, everyone seems to be selling by the ounce. UL designs are a treatise in compromise, function and aesthetics. While many designs seem like they couldn’t possibly get away with shaving off even another gram without a serious loss in function, we think differently: Because we intimately understand how humans use tools—we’re usability and ergonomics specialists—our design confidently travels past the point where other companies begin to shudder in fear. The creativity and simplicity of our design will safely transport you beyond the standard threshold into what once seemed impossible. Think, Icarus flying calmly around the sun…

How we manage this is where our backgrounds in specialty design and ergonomics come into play. We won’t show you the extent of our powers, but how about this: Our gear uses an innovative seam system that reduces the number of seams while strengthening the form! What’s more, our understanding of how fabrics naturally drape and behave allows us to use less material to provide natural reinforcements and structure—Grab your straight-blades, and let the weight shaving commence!

Like many made-in-the-USA companies, our resources our top notch, and our designs—unlike gear company monsters—are considered holistically. Here at Deep South Mountaineering™ we see the big picture and we incorporate that whole-package mentality into creating gear that’s suited for your next adventure the way the sun is suited to greet a new day. (Don’t forget a yerba mate or sweet tea with that sunrise.)

Our first line of products is currently being put through the ringer to guarantee we’ve triple-checked all the angles.  We expect our equipment to be ready for your packs this summer, so stay tuned.