We throw around the term Deep South Mountaineering a fair amount but many are confused when we use it as a verb. Or a noun. Frankly, it’s not just gibberish. It stands strong as a goofy, possibly wordy, name for our company, but we say it with so much more. We see Deep South Mountaineering (DSMing) as a life choice and guiding philosophy.

As a child, it felt like I had a similar routine to stepping outside no matter what time of the year. Suit up (bathing suit, snow pants, raincoat, etc.), get out the front door, find some friends (or some “me” time), and do anything in the pursuit of laughter, fun, adventure, and strength. We believe this simple way to spend time is applicable (if not crucial!) at all stages of life.

The good news is, as grown people, you get the opportunity to expand the adventure potential to anywhere in the world, to any activity imaginable, and have the adult resources to make it all possible. The bad news is, as “adults”, we are bogged down  with responsibilities that can limit our fun time and corrupt us into thinking playing outside like a kid is not how we should be spending our precious time outside. While your daily responsibilities are probably quite important and certainly not  any of our business to question, we want to stand tall and advocate for you. Whether big or small, local or far, for months or minutes, we believe the Deep South Mountaineering philosophy (and the verb!) can enrich your life and put a smile on your face.

Deep South Mountaineering can be the 2 minutes between meetings to have a thumb war with a friend. It’s getting to a trail-head and deciding to exchange your 20 mile day itinerary for a relaxing 2 mile day. It’s bringing cookies on long hikes for friends or folks you might meet. It’s trading in a job you hate for one that pays much less but leaves you much richer. It’s attempting to summit a mountain you have been driving past for years or the first one you see. It’s playing kickball even though you’re an adult, it’s jumping naked off waterfalls on a dare, it’s carrying beers all day to surprise your hiking buddy at the big view, its taking the time to count ounce after ounce in your pack only to use that saved weight to squeeze in Settlers of Catan and Yerba Mate. Deep South Mountaineering is about joy in the outdoors. Non-judgmental, unlimited, natural joy.

Now this is a complex philosophy, so feel free to take time to lay in the grass and think it over. Maybe pick up a ball and chat it over with your bud with a game of catch. Or maybe you should play hookie from work and hit the swimming hole and let it soak in. These ideas aren’t shallow so take as much time as you need. We think you’ll like what you’re sniffing. Hopefully, it helps open you to new (and old) activities and frees you from the pressures, expectations and constraints of society that inspire us to escape outside in the first place.

Deep South Mountaineering is  built from a culture where enthusiasm, distractions, and openness to life are in abundance. This space is built to be a compilation of our collective passions (and the tools to pursue those passions), stories of how we spend our time, and in turn our lives. Thank you for letting us share them with you (we want to hear about your own adventures too, big and small!)

Nothing would put a smile on my face like learning about you Deep South Mountaineering. Shoot me a picture, story, sentence, haiku or pasta sauce finger painting. Make my day.

Stephen Eren
Cheif of Friendship

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