Yerba Mate

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What is it?

Popular tea form South America (Argentina, Paraguay, Southern Chile, Brazil). Loose leaf green tea traditionally drunk through a gourd and a “bombilla” (a straw with a filter at the bottom). It is often shared among a group and passed around. In fact, the gourd is filled with hot water and each person gets to sip it to the end. The gourd is refilled by the server (“matero”) and passed to the next person. This has the additional effect of slowly steeping the tea, resulting in a tapered flavor from strong to light. Mate is touted for it’s unique caffein affects (clear headed, focused, with less of the jitters) and it’s high content of minerals and compounds hard to get in usable amounts in other teas and foods.
Words people have used to decripe the taste

earthy, bitter, bitter-sweet, smoky, woody

Preparing Mate

yerba mate

Is it Legal? Why does it look like drugs?

Very legal, though you will have to explain it eventually. It’s sold by the kilo and the large amount of loose leaf used for a brew is suspiciously similar to a giant bowl of marijuana. Except that it’s wet and has a straw in it.



High levels of focus. I really think it helps me with brainstorming and innovation. In Argentina, it is prescribed for cases of depression, and I would agree that it almost always puts me in a better mood. It’s a diuretic  so it can be used to cleanse your GI system. The minerals, such as iron, that are harder to find in other sources are easily absorbed through mate as a function of the temperature at which it is served (hot, not boiling), and the quantity of which it is drunk (which permits the minimum thresholds of absorption in your body to be met)

Big part of our innovation process. A symbol of friendship with strangers and sharing. Also, by way of having a reason to stop, sit and enjoy tea in your day, mate really helps you to stop and smell the roses (perhaps with a friend). This is a big part of our philosophy as a company and the thinking behind our gear. The caffein and focus will help you push hard, just like ultralight equipment, while the ceremony and relaxed tradition reacquaints you with the present. Goes well with hammocks.

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