How To Poop in the Woods

How to Poop in the Woods

1.)   Create a Poo Kit and bring it with you: Toilet Paper (if you want it), hand sanitizer, and your trusty poo shovel (give it a name!)


DSM-education_poo kit

2)   Find a place over 200 feet from water and out of eye sight of potential people. It’s nice to find a good view.

DSM-education_poo view

3)   Dig a hole 6 to 8 inches, save your soil you are going to need it to refill *This depth keeps animals from unburying it, keeps it out of sight, and ready to decompose rapidly

DSM-education_poo hole specs

4)   Pick your poo position and let it rip dog
5)   Relax…..This isn’t so bad
5)   Wipe with any of a full range sustainable, decomposable options. Toss it in the hole

DSM-education_poo TP

7)   Mix in some soil and fill in the hole *Pro tip: take a stick and stir your business with some soil to kickstart decomposition
8)   Make sure your brown eggs are well below the surface so that a footstep would not expose your forest poop
9)   Hand sanitize it up, and prevent germs from ruining your trip


DSM-education_poo position

Some inspiring poses: crab, break dancer, catcher, captain morgan, sapling stretch, calling in the bomb drop, arangatang,

Buddy Dumps: pilot to bombardier, pilot to co-pilot, double decker, hands across America, assisted A-frame, flying squirrel

Toilet Paper Alternatives

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