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Wooden Máte Gourd


Hand picked wooden yerba mate gourds imported from Argentina with your choice of Bombilla


Product Description

Mate gourds come in many shapes and sizes, about as many, in fact, as there are ways to brew a mate. Wood is a great medium because of its durability and neutral flavor (mate gourds will tint the flavor depending on what material they are made from). These practical “everyman” gourds have a flat bottom so you can put it down in case of a life threatening emergency.

Be sure to “cure” your gourd before you use it. We suggest using room temperature water and letting it soak for 1-2 days. Different spices and herbs can sometimes lend a light flavoring to the gourd. Ease the gourd into humidity at first. We leave our spent yerba tea in the gourd after each use, which keeps it seasoned and ready for our next cup.

These were hand picked in Argentina for quality because we were frustrated with the durability of the ones we were finding elsewhere.

Don’t forget to pick a bombilla (pronounced “bom-bee-sha” or “bom-bee-ya”). Bombillas are the traditional straw through which the mate is drunk. They have a filter at the bottom to keep out the loose mate tea. Wooden ones get less hot, though they can be more prone to clogging as they soak with water, while the metal ones have a screw-on base that allows cleaning from time to time.

Read more about Yerba Máte culture and how to prepare a drink right here on the DSM website.

Authentic gourds imported from Argentina

Additional Information

Bombilla (straw)

Bamboo (add $7), Metal (add $15), No Bombilla


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